Mon June 29th
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All Ages!
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Welcome to Holmes Vacation Bible School program that you can do at home! This five lesson program follows the “This is Our Prayer” curriculum. Each day presents a ‘scripture of the day’ and videos and activities to watch and do from wherever you are!

Use the links below to watch videos, view and print materials. Each day’s video and activities should take about an hour to complete.

Summer Virtual Vacation Bible School Program

Below is the Holmes VBS curriculum. Under each day, you will find a video reading of the scripture of the day, a video related to the scripture, a document with 2 -3 activities related to the scripture and any additional templates needed to complete the activities.

Welcome to VBS Overview and Instructions

DAY 1 – Longing To Be Invited 

  1. Daily Guide Day 1
  2. Day 1 Video – Scripture
  3. Day 1 Video – Skit
  4. Day 1 Coat of Arms Template

DAY 2 – Longing To Be Heard

  1. Daily Guide Day 2
  2. Day 2 Video – Scripture 
  3. Day 2 Video  – Chapel
  4. Day 2 Tree template
  5. Day 2 Fishy Story
  6. Day 2 Game Board
  7. Day 2 Game Dice
  8. Day 2 Game Cards

DAY 3 – Longing For Renewal

  1. Daily Guide Day 3
  2. Day 3 Video – Scripture
  3. Day 3 Video – Meditation
  4. Day 3 Labyrinth Template

DAY 4 – Longing For Change

  1. Daily Guide Day 4
  2. Day 4 Video – Scripture
  3. Day 4 Video – Skit
  4. Day 4 Puppet Template

DAY 5 – Longing For Change

  1. Daily Guide Day 5
  2. Day 5 Video – Scripture
  3. Day 5 Video – Sing A Long

If you have questions or need more information – contact Holmes@HolmesCamp.org or by phone at 845.878.6383. (Email will receive the quickest response we are still working remote and voicemail cannot be checked every day.)

Holmes Virtual Vacation Bible Camp is totally free and offered to our community to give you a connection to the sacred space we know and love. We encourage you to share this information with family and friends. It’s a great way to introduce new folks to Holmes Camp.

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