Celebrating 75 Years!

Dear Holmes Camper Families, 

We are gratified that the hope of safe gathering looms on the horizon. The Holmes Camp Board of Directors and others have been meeting weekly, monitoring the situation and deciding on the safest way to welcome you back to camp. Additionally, we are looking for the best ways that Holmes can be most effectual and relevant in the world that is about to re-emerge.  

We are now open for picnics and for day use. Currently the New York State guidelines read “non-residential social gatherings of up to 100 people can occur indoors and up to 200 people can occur outdoors.” So please call us to set up an event. A picnic at the Lodge is a great way to bring your church or group together. 

By mid-May 2021 we will be open for families to take rooms in one of our buildings overnight. It will be a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sacred space at Holmes.

Mark your Calendars for July 31 for Holmes Camp Friends Day! If you’ve never been, it is a great day to explore. Take a tour of the facility, or just the new building. It will involve good people, beautiful space, good food, meaningful worship, and a deep sense of gratitude. 

TIME FOR FAMILIES AT CAMP! A hybrid of family time with some camp activities.
Following Friends Day, stay for the first week of August when we will be offering time for families to come together and stay in one of the Agape buildings. Parents and children stay together. During the day there will be camp activities planned. Parents can join in the fun, or stay in their building and work, or take some quiet time for themselves. Each morning and afternoon there will be a different opportunity such as: swimming, boating, learning at the farm, hiking, games, or the low ropes course. Optional worship services will be offered. Families do not need to stay for the entire week but may stay as many or few days as they choose.A detailed schedule of activities and pricing will be forthcoming shortly. 
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