Wish List

The Presbyterian Center at Holmes is preparing for summer program and for Spiritual Growth retreats. Each year we need to repair and upgrade our facilities to provide appropriate housing and program facilities for these campers. You or your church might be interested in helping us with projects on the list below. The most important projects are listed first, but the whole list is important. Some of the projects could be completed by work groups, and donations of materials would help with others.

Please include the Presbyterian Center in your prayers as we provide opportunities for Christian growth. Please also include us in your prayers as you make personal or church funding decisions in the coming months.

***Camperships (financial aid for campers who cannot afford to come to camp otherwise). This is an ongoing need.

Priority Project List

Renew Reinvest Capital Campaign

  • South Unit New Cabins  $450,000   — Funded!!
  • Don’s Diner Upgrade  -$75,000  — Funded!!
  • Nunemaker Upgrade – $600,000
  • Westminster Lodge  –  $150,000
  • Denton Camping Area  — $200,000
  • North Unit Cabins Upgrade – $225,000

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  • Robo Coupe Food Processor $1,000.00
  • Commercial Meat Slicer $1,000
  • Permanent LCD Projector for Charlotte’s Room $4,000


  • 46 Denton Lake Rd Wiring replacement (electric, telephone, internet) for office development.
  • 70 Denton Lake Rd Heat Pump installation $12,000
  • 46 Denton Lake Rd Window Replacement $12,000
  • 70 Denton Lake Rd Floor covering replacement $7,000
  • 46 Denton Lake Rd Heat Pump Installation $12,000
  • 70 Denton Lake Rd Roof replacement $10,000

Grounds and Maintenance

  • Mid Sized tractor, 4WD,   $20,000
  • 4WD Pickup Truck, full or mid sized,  used or new  $35,000 – 10,000
  • Wood Chipper to keep brush and tree limbs under control $10,000
  • Utility All Terrain Vehicle for woods and trail work

The Farm at Holmes

  • Storage Barn  (for implements and equipment)  $50,000  (will use camp sawn lumber)
  • Clear Denton Ball Field expansion for buildings and farming $10,000

Thank You!!!

Over the last 10 years we have accomplished over $500,000 worth of camp facility improvements with your generous donations.