Throughout the year, we host a number of retreats and events for children, youth, adults and families.

 Confirmation Retreats

Your church’s confirmation class will join with youth from other churches to explore their faith together in small groups during this overnight retreat.  Each retreat has a different leader, and a different focus.

Alumni and Friends Work Day

The Holmes community is comes together to help with various projects that continue to improve our facilities and programs!  Exact projects are announced as the day approaches.

Summer Camp Open House

A great excuse to come visit Holmes in the spring!  Some of our summer staff will be here to lead activities such as boating and archery, as well as tours of our site.  It’s a great chance to learn more about our Summer Camp programs!

Friends Day

A great excuse to come visit Holmes in the summer! Our summer staff will lead activities and the waterfront will be open all afternoon!  It’s a great chance to reconnect with and play at Holmes, whether you’ve been a friend of Holmes for years or have just been introduced to Holmes.  Lunch and dinner is available

Women’s Retreat

Join other women from the region in study, fellowship and retreat at Holmes!  Attend for the whole weekend, one night or a day retreat.