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John and Eloise Morehouse

john-eloise-SF-1John and Eloise met at summer camp in 1960 (not Holmes but another one). They got married five years later and have had “a pretty good run of it” ever since. They have always considered themselves “camp” people.

Over the years, John and Eloise have stayed at Holmes on numerous occasions, both with and without their children — Liz and Tim. Among the events that they participated in at Holmes and have great memories of  are these:

The three-day Tanglewood music weekends, organized by The Rev. Don and Charlotte  Hostetter and highlighted by the gourmet picnics provided by restauranteur and Riverdale PC member Victor Gaston.

The benefit dinner-dances, held in Agape, organized by David Burpee and friends, and featuring the cuisine of Mark Ainsworth, long-time Holmes booster and senior faculty member of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

The wedding of their friends, Danny Hauben, the artist, and Judy Lane, the author  and composer. Theirs was actually a double wedding — the first one in Charlotte’s Room  for family and the second one the next evening in the Lodge for over 150 friends. The event was presided over by seven clergy persons, including an Apache medicine man, had excellent food catered by the great Indian restaurant on Route 22, and had fine music and dancing and exquisite late October scenery outside. The air was crisp but the Lodge stayed warm due to the Lodge fireplace and the happy throng inside.

In the last decade, both John and Eloise have retired — he as Director of Engineering for Venus Industries of Long Island City, a major producer of narrow fabrics, and she as Manager of Data Base Design for the H. W. Wilson Co., publishers of library indexes and other materials, in the Bronx. Their daughter, Elizabeth, an occupational and hand therapist,  is a senior staff person with the William O’Connor School for disability children in  Brooklyn. Their son, Timothy, an Olympic silver medalist in team saber fencing from the 2008 Beijing Olympics , is founder and CEO of the Fencing in the Schools Foundation, a non-profit entity that organizes fencing in grade schools around the country.

John has served four three-year terms on the Holmes board, including one year as president. His service on the board encompassed fund-raising for  the early renovation work on both the Denton  Recreation Hall and the Denton Dining Hall. He also chaired a funding and development committee that put together six annual benefits for Holmes and that drew heavily on the inspired leadership and contributions of Kathy Young, Joan Ryan, Vicky Neilson, Charles Daniel and others.

John was baptized and confirmed in the First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn in the pastorship of The Rev. Dr. Phillips Packer Elliott. For many years he has been a member of Riverdale Presbyterian Church in the Bronx.  Eloise is an active Quaker quietly supporting all of John’s volunteer work for Holmes,  Riverdale Presbyterian Church and New York City Presbytery.